Order processing

With the menu items "Online Catalog" or "Stock lists" at the top of the Navigator, you can search for items and place them in the shopping cart or order them. Detailed information on the operation and extensive search options in our online catalogs can also be found in our Help. A registration or login and / or password is not required to order by us. As a registered customer you have advantages. For more information, see Registration. To complete the order, please enter the address, email and so on and then go to checkout. Before finalizing your order, you have another opportunity to review your order and details. Shortly after sending the order, you will receive an e-mail with the details of the payment and a list of the ordered items. Check the SPAM folder in your e-mail program if you do not receive any messages.

You can also save your address and personal data on your PC in a so-called permanent cookie. The fields are now pre-filled and do not have to be entered again at the next purchase. To use this feature, just click the appropriate option in the order form (see the following figure).

The data is stored on your PC (the computer / mobile device you are currently working), not on our servers!

A maximum of 30 items can be ordered with a shopping cart. If you want to order more than 30 items, complete the current order (go to checkout) and start a second, a third order, and so on.

Of course you can pay all orders together and also receive them with a common delivery. You also have the opportunity to accumulate your orders over a period of up to 3 weeks. You automatically receive a summary of all ordered and unpaid items by e-mail once or twice a week.

If you want to redeem a voucher, you can enter the code directly in the shopping cart. Alternatively, we also offer you our regular customer discount.

A delivery without shipping costs is also possible if several orders are combined to one delivery and the total amount then exceeds the exemption limit. For deliveries under 5 .-- Euro we additionally charge a processing fee of 1 .-- Euro.

When ordering software or digital goods, you will receive an email with the ordered data within 48 hours of receiving the payment.

The offered collector's items (stamps, letters, cards, coins, etc.) are basically used goods, unless otherwise stated in the item description. These collector's items may be subject to natural aging processes. Therefore, deterioration of the goods, e.g. due to the influence of storage and light (e.g. color changes, gumming changes, foxing, decay of paper, oxidation, etc.), does not constitute a defect. Should the seller be provided with evidence of forgery or falsification, he may choose to deliver an equivalent piece or committed to the refund of the purchase price and the shipping costs. This does not apply if the offered pieces have already been offered as forgery, falsification or "without obligation". The legally entitled right of revocation remains unaffected. Any further claims of the buyer or a third party are excluded.

Examinations (for example affixing of backside signatures) may only be carried out by accredited examiners (stamps by BPP examiners) and must always be agreed prior to purchase. It may be necessary for examinations, e.g. Extensions for returns must be agreed. If there are any doubts about existing examinations / certificates, inspections can be arranged after consultation. Item descriptions, such as "different, finest, best, cabinet or luxury and so on" are purely subjective in nature and can not be claimed as warranted qualities.

In the item description a distinction is made between "original image" and "example image". In the case of a sample illustration, the item is always different in detail (e.g., perforation, centering, drawing). In the case of an original illustration, the item has been scanned or photographed by the original. Nevertheless, deviations in detail can occur due to the subsequent image processing. e.g. Removal of small dots or strokes by a dust and scratch algorithm or e.g. slight changes in the drawing by turning the object. Decisive for the scope of the offer is / are the catalog number(s) stated in the item description. Therefore, plate defects or varieties discovered in the image which are not visible on the delivered article do not constitute a material defect. The statutory right of revocation remains unaffected.

  • For legal purposes, the German version is authoritative. this translation is for information purposes only.

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