If your return is triggered by a revocation, please use the revocation form printed on the back of the invoice. Alternatively you can also use our sample revocation form. Please enclose the original invoice with the completed revocation form.

Please return the item by registered letter or proof of delivery (any exceptions are possible by prior arrangement). Returns do not need to be insured additionally. The return costs will be refunded in case of:

  • Incorrect deliveries
  • Defective or incorrectly written goods

For a complete return of the order, please enclose the original invoice with the return. For partial returns, please enclose a copy of the invoice or alternatively the return form. Please mark the returned items on the invoice copy, this speeds up the processing.

Please always return the complete items, ie no single values from sentences, vintages, collections and lots. Such partial returns can not be processed (any exceptions only after prior consultation).

Included with the item are small accompanying notes with the item number and additional item informations. Please make sure that these accompanying documents are enclosed with the return. Incomplete returns can not be processed, or lead to longer processing times.

Also please do not forget to provide the bank details for refunds on the return form.

If you want to exchange goods, you can make a replacement order directly through our webshop. Enter the facts and the invoice and item number in the remark field of the shopping basket. Please discuss the process with us before. The amount confirmed by us can be deducted directly from the new invoice. Receipt of the return required.

For further questions we are happy to help you.

  • For legal purposes, the German version is authoritative. this translation is for information purposes only.

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