For a simple and quick comparison of my stock with your missing items we have created the stock lists. They show a list of the Michel catalog numbers of the respective collection area which are in stock. Items that are in stock several times are also displayed several times in the stock list.

The stock lists are sorted according to Michel catalog numbers. For each Michel catalog number a new line is used. The lists are therefore very clearly structured and you can match your list of missing items very quickly with our inventory. If you move the mouse pointer over the Michel catalog numbers the picture and a short description of the respective item will appear. To order the item simply click on the Michel catalog number, this will put the item into the cart.

If you would like a special stock list, please contact us, if possible we will arrange it for you.

The available stock lists (Old German States - Europe) can be selected on the left via the navigator.

The stock lists are not available for all areas, our complete offers can be found in our general catalog.

To place an order through our online catalog is basically no login / password etc .. necessary. If you want to register you get benefits. Further information can be found under the item registration.

A complete overview of the stock lists can be found in our index.

Note on shopping cart function: If the shopping cart window has been closed, click on the shopping cart icon at the top of the green menu line, then the shopping cart opens. The shopping cart also opens automatically when the next article is added to the shopping cart. The purchase can also be continued with the shopping cart window open. To do so, change the size of the shopping cart window (drag inward at the window corner). You can place the catalog window and the cart window side by side or distribute them on different screens. To operate, click in the window you want to work with.

A maximum of 30 items can be bought with a shopping cart. If you need more than 30 items, complete the order and start a new order. Shipping and additional costs can be summarized later. This also applies to purchases on different days. For more information on this topic, see Order Processing.